AI for a safer world

The TX-92, also called RemotePeace, is a humanoid police robot built to reduce police casualities and ensure peace. The robot is remotely controlled by a police officer using state-of-the-art VR technology so that a bug cannot cost the lives of innocent people. Moreover, we do not want our robot to serve as a way for police officers to kill citizens anonymously, as already 98.3% of killing by police from 2013 to 2020 have not resulted in officers being charged with a crime according to the website Therefore, everything done and seen by the robot is recorded, and the person controlling it is identified to provide traceability of evidence to reduce police violence. Also, it was designed to be extremely robust and easy to repair, so that it doesn't need to defend itself as much as a human. This allows the robot to prefer non-lethal options while arresting criminals.

Its legs are also equipped with springs so that it can jump up to several meters, and it has an impressive overall agility so that it can chase criminals with ease. Alongside its robustness and agility advantages, it also includes several sensors and AI systems to analyze its surroundings and give extra informations to the police officer controlling it. In the future, these systems may even be capable of analyzing a bomb and comparing it to previous situations to provide information on how to defuse it and how likely it is to be successful.

To conclude, we believe our robot could be a revolutionary breakthrough that would allow for highly effective AI-based police, while also ensuring less criminals and police officers get killed. Our main goal is to use technology in order to slowly replace humans by robots in dangerous and hazardous tasks.

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